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Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)

A rich internet application is a web application with all the functionality and responsiveness of a desktop software application, but with ease and low cost of deployment.

At Yeasty Solutions we develop RIAs using AJAX and Macromedia Flash following the best practices of web 2.0 technologies.

AJAX Development

AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) is a group of related technologies for creating interactive rich internet applications. AJAX technology allows applications to retrieve data from the server asynchronously without interfering with display and behavior of the current page.

Applications developed using AJAX technologies resemble windows applications in many ways.

Macromedia Flash Development

Macromedia Flash Player runs on 70% of computer world wide according to some statistics. This kind of huge adaptability is because Macromedia Flash provides a rich client environment that,

Provides an efficient, high performance runtime of executing code, content and communications
Provides powerful and extensible object models for interactivity

Applications developed using Macromedia Flash technology displays greater response and performance.

NOTE: We evaluate your project requirement and suggest appropriate application type

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