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Windows Applications

Windows applications are client-server based applications. These run on individual desktops or on intranet. Clients usually access databases directly.

Windows applications will usually have high responsiveness.

We have extensive experience in developing windows applications using both Java and .NET technologies.

Applications developed using Java can run on any operating system.

We develop applications on various databases such as MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle.

Conversion from VB6 to .NET or Java

Microsoft will not be supporting VB6 applications any more. These applications have to be converted to .NET. Many products are available to convert or allow these applications to run on .NET environment. This approach is not efficient and complete analysis of the product is required to best utilize .NET environment.

Since Java is widely adopted by the world, converting VB6 applications to Java provides lot of benefits.

Graphical Applications

Graphical applications involve interactive 2D graphics or Map technologies. These require high performance

NOTE: We evaluate your project requirement and suggest appropriate application type

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